10 Tips to Survive a Zombie Invasion – The Veteran’s Manual

In the US, the zombie craze is really building up. The trend now in some schools is to offer classes on how to escape the zombies or survive a zombie invasion.

A zombie invasion can happen at any time in America. On the other hand, we’ve got the new season of The Walking Dead … so take note of these tips.

Zombies might be coming any time and you want to be prepared to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

how to kill a zombie

  1. Kill them

You always have to aim for the head. Zombies do not feel pain so if you shoot an arm nothing happens to them. You must kill them and, as they say in movies, finish them off.  Just in case.


  1. Pay attention

The zombie holocaust is not a meteorite. There won’t be any ‘is coming” news, it can occur within hours. So beware if you see that the streets are quieter than normal or, conversely, there are sounds of sirens and too much noise in general.

Always keep a battery-powered crank radio on hand and get the latest news. You should not be the last one to escape.


  1. Keep an emergency backpack

You never know where or when you’ll be invaded by the zombies. Keep an emergency survival backpack at the ready (ideally keep two or three backpacks distributed at home, at work, in car) with a bottle of water, matches, knife, some preserves and medicine cabinet. Learn how to build the ultimate zombie survival bag here.

It might seem silly at the very outset but preppers (prepared for the end of the world) always have one at hand.


  1. Make an escape route

When a zombie invasion takes place, you will have nowhere to escape. But keep in mind the exits and entrances of your building, workplace and some other safe places such as warehouses nearby.

Also do yourself a favor, keep a small map of your area marked with supermarkets, hardware stores, hospitals … if you have to leave on foot. Also plans one or two shelters. Better to have this done to keep moving on the fly.

docum ents

  1. Keep the Documents at hand

Before leaving your home, keep a survival guide in your backpack. Believe it or not there are people who take this very seriously, so if you’re worried about a possible zombie invasion, at least research and gather ideas if needed.


  1. Spread

Overall this is the best advice. Run and escape, you have to get used to doing that a lot. You certainly have the advantage over zombies in this area but run with care. Falling and getting an injury will not set anything right.

You can also swim (you know, zombies do not swim). But be careful with the pools. They can be a death trap. If you are rowing downstream or are at the sea … escaping without a plan is not such a good idea.

escape route

  1. Always be prepared for Escape

You need to go unnoticed for both zombies and to other humans. Make a small tent or shelter for yourself that shouldn’t blow your cover. You must have supplies and at least two escape routes.


  1. Dress Appropriately

That ten layers of clothing won’t do any good. Just avoid leaving any part of your body exposed. Use  sturdy clothing that is light and heavy duty. Buy tactical clothing from only a reputable manufacturer.

A helmet and goggles also will come handy. But note that you need to escape lightly with everything you wear.


  1. Do not trust anyone

The only thing worse than a zombie is a human. They can try to be friends of yours to steal your weapons, your groceries or even both. Note this is a kind of ‘end of the world, people are not much concerned with the moral.


  1. Get a gun when the Zombies arrive

In the USA, this goes without saying it. This is not necessary in day to day, but in case of a zombie invasion, you should have a weapon at hand always. If possible, keep a shotgun/handgun and an edged weapon like machete at the ready. Those who want to go the extra mile will buy a crossbow too.

Small knives are worthless. You must not approach a zombie to fight hand to hand. On the other hand, remember that fire does not do anything … so do not waste your time trying to burn them.

We hope you are a little more prepared after reading this.  If you like it, share it!