Backyard Glamping: Here’s How

Backyard glamping is a new version of backyard camping that has been a traditional summer activity for many of us since we were children. However, the luxury of a refrigerator and indoor plumbing might sometimes be outweighed by being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Your backyard might be the perfect getaway you need. Do you want to know how to glamp at home? For the next time, you have the urge to satisfy your wild side while still having the convenience of quickly going to the toilet, check out this helpful backyard glamping at home idea.

9 Ideas To Glamp At Your Backyard

1. First And Foremost, Discover Your Backyard Glamping Shelter At Home

Whether you’re going for a conventional camping tent or your own custom safari glamping dome, the weather is an essential part of the experience. Make sure that your shelter is set up on flat, level ground away from any dangerously hanging tree limbs.

Instead of resting on the hard ground, use the blow-up mattress and extra bedding (like this Coleman camping cot + air mattress combo) to create some added comfort. If you’re feeling particularly extravagant, take your mattress off your bed and bring it to your refuge. Just keep in mind that you may never want to put it back on your bed again!

backyard glamping

2. Create A Living Room

The essentials of comfort must be included in every backyard glamping setup! It’s time to gather up your most delicate and comfy pillows (these covers are waterproof) and blankets and arrange them for your shelter to provide multiple resting areas.

The next item on the list is pleasant sitting: add some hammocks or beautiful hanging chairs to your backyard glamping for a picture-perfect and always comfy experience.

3. Add Some Of Your Favorite Lighting To The Table

Your ambiance lighting should be subtle yet plentiful, from your previous year’s Hawaiian-themed BBQ tiki torches to outdoor string lights strung from your trees to have perfect backyard glamping.

Adding twinkle lights to the top of your tent’s inside will give it a night sky feeling, even if your backyard is lit up.

4. Create A Dining Table

The good news: while releasing your inner Pinterest, you won’t want to gaze at your bird poop-covered picnic table. Try adding a tablecloth (this one is waterproof for the outside) to hide the scruffy appearance and soft cushions for added comfort.

You may simply bring one from within your house if you don’t already have one. Add some nice cloth napkins to dress it up, as well as a mason jar of flowers and a bucket of wine to tie the whole table together for added points. If you want some nice glassware but don’t want to deal with breaking glass, consider these: plastic cups and tumblers (also comes in stemless) that look great and plastic wine glasses (also available in stemless). Add a touch of color with these bright ones to your backyard glamping!

5. Glamp In Your Own Garden And Prepare A Gourmet Dinner

You don’t have to rough it if you’re glamping in your backyard. If you want to prepare your dishes outside on the grill is a fantastic method to enjoy the scenery. For those who are feeling brave, consider constructing a fire pit and using a cast-iron skillet for an authentic outdoor experience.

For those who prefer to relax, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Glamping Sites In the UK that provide you with peace. Alternatively, if you’re seeking glamping ideas that allow you to fully unwind, why not order takeout so you can concentrate on remaining in lounge mode?

Here are the non-negotiables: s’mores! I adore these inventive S’mores ideas—they’re ideal for camping at home. Don’t have a fire? That’s no problem with this fantastic S’mores maker. And, don’t forget to take a look at this EXTREME s’mores kit.

6. Create Cocktails With An Outdoor Theme

Nobody said camping has to be dull. Make a tiny bar and come up with some wacky outside-the-ordinary cocktails to liven things up in your backyard glamping. You and your friends may get creative and create new drinks to keep the party going, whether it’s a Mountain Mule or The Redwood.

7. Bring The Games With You

The sounds of nature always make games better for your backyard glamping. From Corn Hole to Bocci, horseshoes to KanJam, yard games to Kwanzan, playing games together is a great way to spend time with your friends and family.

Take it back to the basics with classics like Hiding and Seek, Capture the Flag, and Kick the Can. I know it may sound juvenile, but trust me — you’ll have a good time playing these ancient favorites… Don’t be surprised if things get unexpectedly competitive!

8. Bring Some Backyard Glamping At home Entertainment

For an easy method to binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows while camping in the backyard, bring out your movie projector and install a screen. Simply hang an old bedsheet or, even better, an outdoor projector screen from the top of your shelter. You may also utilize the side of your home as a projection surface.

If you grew up telling ghost stories around the campfire, why not raise the stakes and enjoy some scary movies under the stars? Just make sure you’re mindful of your neighbors’ light and audio volume levels!

9. Make Some Bunting Pennants

This is one of my favorite backyard glamping inspired at-home ideas! This triangle-shaped banner was originally used by the Royal Navy in the 17th century.

Tie up bunting of any kind and hang it from a string inside your tent, outside across some trees, or allow it to swing in the wind over your comfy chair. You might purchase some on Amazon or make your own with fabric or paper, which will elevate glamping in your garden! It’ll take glamping inside your backyard to a whole new level for sure.

Some people find camping in the great outdoors to be an uninteresting activity, but this glamping at home idea may help you enjoy the fresh air while still being connected to your favorite creature comforts! What’s your favorite way to mix glam into nature?