DefPrep Is Breathing Again with New Focus on Affiliate Marketing

We set up the Defense and Preparation site a few years ago when the whole Prepper scene was starting to explode with the introduction, and increased popularity, of shows like Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Castle.  But several side projects, and frankly a lack of time and money, caused us to drop the project and focus on other things.  I’m announcing today that the community is re-launching.

Our goal will still be to bring you helpful news, research articles, great op-ed content, how-to articles as well as an active social community built around the concepts of Survivalism, Prepping, Preppers, Defense, Preparation, Tactical Strategies and Home Protection (basically being prepared).  We will do this by obviously generating good-quality helpful content as well as cultivating a collection of some of the best products we can find to help you in your attempts at preparing and protecting your family.  We will monetize through advertising revenue and affiliate marketing (hey, we like to make a little money while we do this).

If you would like information on advertising or if you think you could do well with a paid writing gig, please drop us a line.  We look forward to more interaction in the coming months!

If you think you might be interested in following an author’s journey you can check out  He’s a buddy and I think he would do well to get some extra traffic.

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