How To Clean Hunter Boots? Easiest Ways

You know those hunter boots you’ve been wearing around the garden? Yeah, they might need some cleaning. After all, it is looking a bit worse for wear after playing in all of that spring rain! If your shoes seem to be getting wet more easily than before and are starting to show signs of worn-out rubber then let me tell ya how easy this task can be. But, How To Clean Hunter Boots?

Just jump into any puddle with high-quality rubbers on; only take care not to get too mucky because water damage will make things worst than ever before!

What You Need

  • Water,
  • Dish soap
  • Clean cloth.

This kit contains everything needed to keep those shoes looking good at all times of the year especially if they have heels that can get dirty easily from walking around outside all day long in the dirtiest cities such as New York City.

Monthly Maintenance of Your Hunter Boots

It may seem like a pain to take your boots out into the rain and let them get dirty again, but it is worth every second of the hassle.


  • Take care of them by knocking some mud from their exterior (or just slush).
  • Wash away all debris with warm soapy water in an outdoor utility sink.
  • Bring these bad boys back inside where dish soap will be able to clean any remaining stains off without difficulty!

So, next time something spills on your hunter boots- no need for panic; simply follow these simple steps.

Seasonal Maintenance of Your Hunter Boots

Wearing your boots to school or work can really take a toll on them. They might not be as fresh each day, and by the time you get home from an eventful hunt with friends old smells may have set in!

  • Deodorize those stinky feet before it’s too late – start this summer by washing then drying thoroughly (without using any Fabric Softener) every few weeks during dry weather conditions;
  • Use detergent only if necessary since harsh chemicals will damage leather upper materials over time

When it comes to keeping your shoes clean, there are a few different methods that you can use. One of these is by spritz applying some vinegar or making an all-natural spray with distilled water and witch hazel alongside rosemary essential oil for added deodorizing power in order to avoid bacteria from growing on them!

How To Remove Scuffs on Rain Boots

The best way I found was just using an old school trick:

  • Grab yourself some rubber [whatever] and rub away at those stubborn spots until there’s nothing left but smooth skinned canvas underneath.
  • Wipe off every last speck before putting things back together again.

How To Remove the “Bloom” from Rubber Boots

how to clean hunter boots

The finish on your boots is covered with a white powdery film, which you might be wondering if it’s normal. This “blooming” phenomenon happens because high-quality natural rubber allows insoluble particles to rise up and settle at the surface; this doesn’t affect how well they protect against dirt or water but does make them look dirty!

Luckily for us, though there’s an easy way around these problems – just wipe down any part that looks dusty before wearing them again.


Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth and place it in a well-ventilated area away from sunlight to dry. If you have been wearing your boots for an extended period of time, it is recommended that they receive some extra TLC by using Hunter Rubber care products.

This includes both professional cleanings as well as preventative measures against future dirt buildup which can lead to irreversible damage over time. We love a good DIY remedy, but in this case, it seems like the best option is to actually purchase from the company and get your boots back up to their original condition.


Use the “Rubber Buffer” to polish your boots. Place it over an area, and then rub in circles until they feel smooth on both sides of their surface area with just enough pressure for good distribution; not too little or lots!

Make sure you do this outside away from sunlight because inky chemicals will naturally occur when using anything that has been exposed directly to sunlight without protection like glass bottle tops etc., which could cause dangerous fumes if left unattended.

Bring Back the Shine

With the Boot Shine, your boots will look new again. Just use a cloth or paper towel and go over all surfaces of each shoe working in small circular motions to remove any dirt from between cracks on soles before wiping them clean with care. In this way, you would not damage delicate leather materials!

How To Store Your Boots After Wear

When storing your boots, make sure they are well-ventilated and away from sunlight or any artificial heat sources. You can hang them up on a rack to dry if you’ve been outside in the rain recently so that water doesn’t seep into its inner lining!

A closet is not an ideal place either because of humidity levels but also dust Collecting onto surfaces where there’s little circulation will cause allergens like pollen particles to grow which may lead to Asthma symptoms.

In order to keep your boots as dry and comfortable as possible, it is important that they do not get too soaking. Pop a few silica packets inside of them or place moisture-absorbing sachets like cedar balls on top for extra protection against water absorption!

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How To Store Your Boots For The Season

how to clean hunter boots

When you are ready for winter, take your boots out of storage and give them a good cleaning. Fill with cedar balls or sachets that will keep the smell away as well! Place in an area where they can remain upright without being moved until next season.

After doing all this work maintain what is essential on your footwear, whether it’s buffing leather so they shine brightly or removing tough stains. It makes sense why people would want their own pair; especially those who live far away from stores distributing such items.

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