How to Make a Survival Fire

It can be extremely difficult to make a fire whenever it’s raining, snowing, or windy, as this is definitely when you would need one the most when you’re camping outdoors in these conditions. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can actually make this very thing happen without having to worry about searching for and utilizing things in nature. Here is exactly what you need to do in order to get your survival fire started!

Start Things Big

The first thing you need to do is gather enough fuel, which will keep you warm enough so that you will have steady enough hands to start the actual fire itself. If you’re looking to start a fire that lasts all night long, you will need a stack of logs as tall as your waist and as long as your overall height. You can obtain these by using an ax to cut down a standing dead tree; however, if you don’t have an ax, you will need to haul in deadfall and break the wood into reasonably-sized lengths. This can be done by wedging the ends between two trees and pulling on them until they break. Burned stumps should never be neglected either. Furthermore, for every three dry logs that you haul in, you should also bring in one green one, as it will easily burn once the fire has been started.

Get to the Heart of Everything

The next step is to gather kindling, which is an incredibly easy task, as you can obtain this from dead twigs and branches. However, in areas of the country where you hunt in rain gear, the only good dry source of kindling will be from standing dead and propped-up logs. The best way to get this is to either chop or saw the trunk into different sections before splitting the dry inner wood into sticks of different thicknesses. Create bundles as big as you can hug to your chest in order to create a fire that is hot enough to burn a larger amount of fuel.

Always Sweat the Small Stuff

Be sure to bring tinder with you, as chances are you won’t be able to find any that will work for a fire if the ground is too wet. For instance, you could choose to smear cotton balls with a bit of petroleum jelly. From there, make a softball-sized nest of rusted pine needles, bark shavings, and feathered wood, all of which can come from your kindling splits. Next, place your tinder on it and cover it with more needles and shavings. Next, construct a small tepee around the tinder made of your kindling.

Light the Fire

You can light your fire using a butane lighter that gives off a tall flame, especially in situations where the weather is bad. Once the fire is burning, begin crossing it with your wrist-thick kindling before adding a larger amount of fuel to it. A good warming fire should be as big as your body, as well as backed by a wall of either rocks or logs that will reflect all of the heat back to you. Furthermore, you will also need to add some green logs as well, which will help the fire to last longer.