The Best Hunting Watch: Top 5 Picks!

We all know how easy it is to get sidetracked while hunting. For many of us, part of the thrill of hunting is being able to get out in nature and forget about being on schedule.  Anyone who’s spent hours perched in a tree waiting for a deer to appear or perused the sunrise on a duck blind knows how time may fly by and how easy it is to forget what day it is. However, getting lost in the woods is also quite common, which is why GPS hunting watches are popular among outdoor athletes.

hunting watch

Modern watches, while they may be tempting to leave at home and rely on your basic instinct and the position of the sun to guess the time, have a lot of additional features that go above and beyond simply telling time. These possibilities are not only useful but may also help you stay safe. 

Aside from the time, watch data can now provide you with the current temperature and other weather conditions, precise GPS location, and route tracking with detailed topo maps (the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro has the best map display so far). With sunrise/sunset data, you’ll be able to know what time it will get dark on any given day.

Top 5 Best Hunting Watch

hunting watch

1. Traverse Alpha SUUNTO

The SUUNTO is the finest hunting watch we’ve ever seen. The Finish brand is a master of outdoor accessories. It includes detection technology that not only sounds sophisticated but also has a lot of power. Its navigation system aids in tracking your shots. It also timestamps each one, which is useful.

The Alpha is a walking GPS unit that will take you right out of any forest. It utilizes GLONASS and global positioning, providing an automatic breadcrumb trail.

It couldn’t have pulled ahead of the competition if it wasn’t very robust. The face is encased in a sapphire glass screen. If you weren’t aware, it’s the most durable lens available. The watch is a present that keeps on giving because its front has additional scratch-resistance layers. It also includes a red LED illumination for easier viewing when it’s dark outside.

2. Casio Pro Trek PAG-240-1CR

The Casio Pro Trek PAG-240-1CR is a highly regarded hunting watch from Casio, which has received 4.2 out of five stars from Amazon customers. This hunting watch with a contemporary and tough look will meet all of your criteria for a great digital timepiece.

The Casio Pro Trek PAG-240-1CR comes with a triple sensor altimeter, thermometer, and digital compass. This watch can be used as an assistant for hiking, climbing, hunting, and other training activities thanks to its compact and robust design.

Furthermore, because the watch’s face, which is solar cells, can be charged after being exposed to light, it may be recharged any time without losing power. It will be ready for your trip at any moment without ever running out of battery thanks to the 6-month battery life on a full charge and its ability to charge when exposed to sunlight.

The illumination and LED backlights display are two of the greatest characteristics that make the hunting watch one of the finest outdoor watches during hunting. When the auto illumination function is on, turning your wrist will immediately turn on the LED lights for better viewing in low light or at night.

3. Garmin Fenix 5X Plus

The Garmin Fenix 5X Plus is designed especially for active and outdoor people, with a slew of handy features that hunters will appreciate. While it does not have all of the capabilities of the Fenix 6, it is a great value for money compared to previous models – as with most smartwatches, the previous model falls considerably in price, so you get the build quality and useful features of the Fenix line without paying top dollar for the newest and greatest. 

It’s quite robust in appearance, with SS or diamond carbon (DLC) titanium bezel.

4. Garmin Fenix 6S

We appreciate that it has a heart rate monitor. Wrist-based heart rate technology helps you recognize your acclimation to heights. It also has the Pulse OX in it, which is helpful. Carbon dioxide levels are tracked in your blood using this device. 

When hunting, battery life is of great importance. Once fully charged, the gadget can stay alive for 9 days. It also has a built-in battery saver, which may be turned on or off as desired. It includes a GPS mode that lasts for 25 hours and a route recording function that allows you to store waypoints while out in the wild. 

It also has built-in GPS monitoring, of course. To assist with the most challenging conditions, it utilizes GLONASS, Galileo, and conventional worldwide positioning systems. The altimeter-barometer-compass feature in this device makes getting lost easier. 

Remember when we said that resin is a must-have for hunting watches? It’s superior to resin. It’s your lucky day because the FENIX’s s strap is composed of silicone. Although it’s simple to clean, wearing it for long periods causes you to sweat.

You are getting a standard strengthened front; be careful. The fact that its display can withstand a lot of glare is good news. 

5. Garmin Fenix 3 HR

Garmin is undoubtedly the best manufacturer of hunting watches, as you may have guessed. Garmin has a long history and excellent customer service, which have helped it retain its position as the finest producer in this industry.

The Garmin Fenix 3 HR is the latest in the line of Garmin Fenix smartwatches, following on from the Garmin Fenix 3 with optical heart rate (HR) capabilities. Users can keep track of their heart rate without wearing a chest strap using the Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology.

Furthermore, the gentle silicone trap gives users comfort while also resisting color fading for a longer beautiful appearance. This watch is ideal for both athletic and dapper styles because of its contemporary design.

The most remarkable feature of this watch is its GPS mode, which allows users to precisely find their position. It’s a great hunting GPS watch for people who enjoy exploring the woods and looking for food.

These features make the Timex Expedition an excellent choice for duck hunting. It has a high-resolution color Chroma display and LED backlights for optimum visibility, whether in sunshine or low light.

However, because the optical heart rate innovation is new, it may fail from time to time, producing inaccurate data. Furthermore, many buyers stated that they had experienced difficulties with the altimeter.

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