12 Best Kids Camping Chairs

Do you need tiny kids camping chair for your children to sit in front of the fire or relax in at camp (and stop stealing yours)? These youth camping chairs are chosen by real outdoorsy parents and judged on several criteria, such as sturdiness, seat height, and convenience. Some of the camping chairs have great looks that your children will enjoy as well.

12 Best Kids Camping Chairs

kids camping chairs

1. Swimways Kids Canopy Chair

If you’re searching for kids camping chairs with canopies that are also simple to fold up for storage, the Swimways children’s canopy chair is the one to consider. This chair’s clever design allows it to be quickly erected and maneuvered, as well as being folded down with only two straps so that youngsters may carry their own chair like a backpack! The flexible canopy protects young kids from the elements, and there is even room for a cup holder. This camping chair will undoubtedly be popular with the youngsters since it’s ideal for camping or outdoor trips in rain or shine.

2. Coleman Kids Quad Chair

The Coleman is another well-known outdoor brand that has stood the test of time, and I appreciate that it’s a little beefier and lower to the ground than the Camping World one (sit height is 10.2″ vs. 15.25″ for the Camping World one!)

This chair is said to be appropriate for children between the ages of four and eight, however, as we all know, height varies significantly from one age to the next.

3. Helinox Camp Chair Mini

The cuddling chair is a must-have for parents of toddlers. It’s tiny, but it can support up to 200 pounds; therefore, if you’re big enough for it, it works! Even a 12-year-old may fit comfortably in this super comfy chair because of its cushion shape.

It’s not very stable, and I wouldn’t put anyone younger than two in it because it isn’t as steady as the chairs below, but it’s one of Amelia’s children.

4. REI Co-Cop Kids Camping Chair

REI’s kid camping chair is exactly what you’d expect from the brand: excellent camping equipment at a fair price. The chair is made of a solid structure and is extremely robust. It won’t shake about on uneven terrain, even if it’s steady ground. The seat height is 11 inches, which makes it too tall for toddlers and necessitates assistance in getting out of the seat. It is more suitable for slightly older or taller children. The chair is available only in blue and red with no decorations, making it easier for older kids to avoid looking juvenile.

5. Kampa Dometic Mini Tub Chair

The Kampa Dometic has a safe “tub” design that prevents small children from losing their balance, so it’s the ideal chair for watching them eat their picnic. You may select from three fun designs, including unicorns, woodland creatures, and automobiles, to match your child’s personality. This toddler camping chair is made of steel, which makes it strong and durable. It may, however, be folded up and carried in its own carrying bag.

6. Kids Base Camp Chair from LL Bean

This chair from LL Bean is a fantastic choice for families on a budget, with reinforced corners, a mid-range seat height (12 inches), and a mesh backing! I adore the mesh backing for the summer – my kids can cool off even faster with the increased ventilation!

7. Kelty Lowdown Chairs

These are not specifically designed for children, but they’re fantastic for youngsters! They’re a bit lower to the ground than an adult chair. The Lowdown chair has a seat height of 12 inches and can support up to 350 pounds.

The chairs also include a small cloth carrying bag that can be slung over one shoulder. There is an adjustable armrest, as well as one insulated and adjustable cupholder, on the chair. Lowdown chairs are made of steel with a polyester seat.

8. Melissa & Doug Camping Chairs

These kids camping seats are very popular, and they appear on every “best” list imaginable. The adorable patterns will appeal to young children. No, the chairs aren’t just for looks: they can actually stand up over many years of use. However, the CampMate is a more modest price. The construction isn’t as sturdy as the REI chair above, but it is still light. The seat height is low enough to accommodate small children or even toddlers, yet it will also fit youngsters weighing up to 6 years old (depending on the age of your child).

kids camping chairs

9. ProAction Kids Camping Chair

The ProAction kids camping chair is the ideal choice for a snappy little chair that will make younger children feel like adults. This chair has all of the features of an adult camping seat, with a cup holder and arms for further comfort, and it comes in a bright, fun pattern that youngsters will enjoy. The chair’s legs may be tucked underneath its arms, making it much more compact and portable. It also has a strap to assist with packing that bit simpler.

10. Strongback Chairs

The most comfortable camping chairs we’ve ever sat in are Backyard Builders’ strongback chairs. They have fantastic lumbar support, which is why they’re the most comfortable camp seats we’ve ever tried. Especially if you suffer from low back discomfort, these are ones you can comfortably sit in for hours on end.

Both versions are available in low and high (Elite) versions, both of which we propose. The Elite chair has 19″ seat height and strong arms for a simple entrance and exit. The Strongback Low Gravity 2.0 has a 7″ seat height. Both have a 300-pound weight capacity.

11. Wilcor Kids Folding Camp Chair

If you’re shopping for a kid’s camping chair for slightly older children, this set from Wilcor is excellent. They are quite solid and weigh less than 4 pounds. This chair, which measures 11 inches high, is ideal for kids aged 4 years old (despite the manufacturer’s claim of 2 years old). The majority of youngsters should be able to use this chair until they are 6 years old. After that, the seat will be uncomfortable.

12. Mountain Warehouse Mini Character Chair

This charming little camping chair serves as a fantastic outlet for children with active vision. This chair, which is available in either a green dinosaur or a pink unicorn design, is ideal for family trips or as a present. You can easily fold this chair up and pack it with all of your other camping items, and the kids may even help carry it themselves because it is lightweight and compact. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also durable and lightweight. A cup holder is included so kids may socialize while the adults relax. This folding chair will add a pop of color to any outdoor excursion and provide comfort and style.

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