Tips On How To Make A DIY Glamping Tent

If you are looking for DIY glamping tent ideas, you are at the right place. I’m a huge lover of extravagantly camping, or glamping, as it’s more commonly known. Yes, I can handle it in the woods; however, I also enjoy the thrill of setting up a beautiful outdoor room somewhere stunning.

We were supposed to go on a two-night kid-free vacation to do some luxury camping, but when that fell through, we decided. Why not build a DIY glamping tent in our backyard?

For our son’s fourth birthday, we decided to figure out how to build a glamping tent so that we could have a sleepover outside.

Then we pondered, “What if we tried to make a glamping site for $100?” So we decided to see what kind of glamping setup we could do for $100.

However, we do already own a tent and sleeping gear. If you don’t have them, they will most certainly cost more than $100. We enjoy camping and have an outdoor lifestyle, so we were able to keep expenses low since we already had camping supplies. The nice news is that once you invest in your glamping equipment, you can use them again and again to glamp at any location you like.

DIY Glamping Tent Setup

We wanted everything to be as light and portable as possible, so we could set up our DIY glamping tent set up in the same manner whether we were car camping in Arches National Park or a local campground.

How To Construct A DIY Glamping Tent

Let’s go through all of the levels involved in creating a glamping setup that competes with premium glamping sites.

1. A Big DIY Glamping Tent

The first item you’ll need is a tent that feels roomy and comfortable. Bell tents made of canvas are used in traditional DIY glamping tents. Unfortunately, they are rather costly, so it’s a waste of money if you don’t intend on setting it up and using it regularly. If you’re interested, I recommend this one on Amazon, which has excellent reviews. If you have dollars to spend but don’t want to go all out with glamping, they’re the ideal peaceful retreat.

The Coleman Octagon 98 Rainfly Tent is what we use. It’s a huge camping tent that can accommodate up to 8 people. I believe it’s the ideal glamping tent because it may be packed into a small wheeled bag and fits easily in a vehicle’s trunk. It’s just a standard Coleman tent, although it does have some nice touches. It is 6’10” tall, has room dividers (ideal for families), and has a sturdy door that may be opened. You won’t believe how beautiful it is to open a tent door! If you’ve never zipped and unzipped a floppy tent door, you’ll be amazed at how nice it feels.

The little things, such as the way each tent is zipped down for different purposes or that you may close up windows to create an open airy feel, make a big difference. I also appreciate how easy it is to zip portions of your shelter down to create windows or how simple it is to close them up if you want privacy.

If you’re purchasing a new tent, don’t forget to consider how it’ll be used in the real world. We picked a tent that would still allow us to camp together. You might choose to buy a huge tent-like with four rooms, but don’t forget that campsites may be small and unable to accommodate a mansion tent. It’s great if it’s just for your backyard, but it won’t fly in a National Park. Find the perfect balance.

2. Dreamy Lighting

Lighting is critical to making a DIY glamping tent that feels high-end but isn’t. On the side of our bed, we utilize LED camping lanterns as well as LED flickering candles for added ambiance. While genuine candles are more fragrant and authentic, they pose a significant fire risk in a tent, so I’d go with worry-free battery-operated candles. You’ll be shocked at how natural they appear at night. It’s also an obvious choice if you have children.

I like our camping lanterns, although there are other lovely ones to choose from. I love this vintage-inspired camping lantern that also serves as a power bank. So handy!

We also installed solar-powered cafe lights in the outside space. A little addition that adds wonder and charm to the location. Finally, you may use battery-operated fairy lights to create a romantic atmosphere indoors in your tent.

diy glamping tent

3. Homey Set Up

If you’re going to do DIY glamping tent, it’s important to build comfy areas inside and outside the tent for resting, reading, lounging, and eating. We used two iClimb side tables to frame the bed. The many advantages of utilizing a side table include the simplicity of storing and cleaning, as well as the usefulness of having additional tables! The ones we used are specifically designed for camping and collapse into a lightweight bag for convenient transportation. We enjoy natural wood tables, but they come in a variety of hues.

If you have room in your tent for a portable dining table, consider making one out of aluminum. We used rugs we already owned for a textured, bohemian look. Turkish towels from Denmex are also an option. Turkish towels are versatile: they may be used as a towel, a picnic blanket, a throw, or even a shawl. They aren’t cotton terry cloths, but rather soft, fold up tiny, and absorb more than ordinary towels. For glamping, they’re ideal multi-purpose goods.

For our sofa, we utilized our camping chairs and added some fake sheepskin rugs to give it a more elegant appearance.

For us, our seating arrangement was set outside the tent. A fantastic touch is to use a recycled plastic outdoor rug as a cushion for the chairs and table.

The finishing touch is a hammock or swing chair that you can connect between two trees. We have the Wise Owl Double Hammock, so the entire family may pile up and swing together. Individual sizes are also available for purchase.

Checklist For DIY Glamping Tent

Here’s a summary of what we did to build a DIY glamping tent.

  • Find a tent that you can stand up in completely.
  • Use your own bedding and blankets, as well as a soft sleeping mat that matches the size of a queen-size mattress.
  • Solar-powered lighting and lanterns will help you bring a mystic atmosphere to your garden.
  • Create intimate hideaways and resting places for reading, lounging, and eating.
  • Use simple tricks to make a strong statement.
  • Drink water. Eat nutritious meals without fail.
  • Cheer up! Drink some wine, have a good time, and enjoy yourself!

We had a lot of fun building our own DIY Glamping Tent! We hope you take our ideas on how to glamp your tent and make your backyard memories. Take it with you to a campsite, if that’s what you want! Leave any comments below.