Tips On How To Survive Prison

You may want the answer to the question, “how to survive prison” at some point because we all want to avoid prison, but the time may come when you must spend some time there (whether or not you are guilty). If you find yourself in jail, remember these things. If you keep to these guidelines, you should be able to survive the experience. I hope you are reading this because it was brought to your attention by a search engine and not as a requirement!

Tips On How To Survive Prison

Do Not Collaborate With Criminals

I’m not talking about guys with spikes in their hair – I’m referring to males who become girlfriends for other men, usually for safety. While the short-term benefits may be appealing (protection from other prisoners), you can become a virtual slave, gambled or sold to other inmates, and you will undoubtedly be used and abused.

Taking someone under your wing is also a red flag; you will probably become a victim of rape as a result of it. People who offer this kind of help are either searching for punk or are searching for someone to pimp out. You should avoid getting associated with anyone involved with such matters. Jealousy in prison can cause death.

Do Not Talk About Your Crime, Even If You Are Asked.

This regulation is particularly important in cases of sexual assaults. Inmates serving time for these sorts of offenses are the most vulnerable to rape and torture. The sentence will be longer if the crime involved a minor. If you are convicted of a child-related offense, you should ask for protective custody from the beginning – this will keep you away from the main portion of the jail and very likely save your life.

Do Not Get Involved In Gambling

This is a losing situation that will almost certainly result in your death. You can’t afford to pay your gambling debts or you win and enrage the wrong people. In prison, avoid gambling at all costs. Inmates will go to extremes to get money owed to them. However, it’s a good idea to learn a few card games before you enter so that you may pass the time playing fun games.

Do Not Work Together With The Guards Against Other Inmates.

It’s never a good idea to rat out your cellmates – if you get caught, you may find yourself in a world of hurt. However, don’t be insolent to the guards; they might assist you to make your stay more bearable.

Do Not Let Anyone Get You In Debt.

When you first arrive, other inmates will offer to lend you items such as cigarettes until you get on your feet. Later, they will offer you a kit in exchange for two. This offer should not be accepted; it is often used to get you hooked on someone. If you smoke, stop right now. You should not buy things until you have earned your own money. In general, the rule is: never to borrow anything from anyone in jail. This will either kill you or severely damage you.

Don’t Look At Another Convict.

Always keep your chin up and your eyes forward. It’s all it takes for a look to become the cause of violence if you’re not vigilant. The next minute, he may seem pleasant or calm, but the following he may be your worst adversary.

Drugs Should Not Be Used.

The use of drugs is a one-way ticket to trouble. If you get hooked and are discovered by the guards, you will rapidly be insolvent. Drugs are readily available, and although they may give your imprisonment a less severe appearance, they will almost certainly lead to major difficulties.

how to survive prison

Do Not Gamble

Gambling might have a severely negative influence on you while you’re incarcerated. If you acquire debt that you are unable to repay or have disputes about during gambling, you risk being harassed for repayment, assaulted, or murdered.

Work Out

Working out not only helps to pass the time but also aids in muscle growth by making you less of a target. You should not appear weak; this implies keeping your head up while walking and avoiding looking at your feet. Avoid getting a tattoo – they are frequently linked to illnesses such as hepatitis. Once you leave, you will regret it.

Keep Your Mouth Shut And Hold Your Comments.

Do not discuss your personal life with other inmates. Do not speak about your misdeeds or politics or religion. It’s a big no-no to have any sort of discussion that might lead to an argument. Don’t expose your company on the street. At the same time, keep other prisoners’ privacy and don’t nose into their personal lives.

Show Respect And Courtesy To Everyone You Meet.

Always be courteous to other prisoners. A prisoner’s only possession is respect, which may be taken away. Remember that if you give someone your respect, they will most likely return it. You don’t want to create enemies while you’re incarcerated.

With The Outside World, You May Set Up Communication Lines

Families can communicate with one another by letter and over the phone, as well as through emails in some federal prisons. Make every effort to stay in touch with your loved ones while behind bars so that they are aware of your condition and wellbeing. If you are incarcerated in a state facility, it can be useful to have family and friends keep track of your situation, communicate with the prison authorities, and/or seek legal counsel if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Some may find that prison or jail is an entirely different universe, one in which learning and adapting to complex laws and standards must be considered. It’s not the same as being in the general public, where someone might go back to their house without having to live among strangers who may either view and treat them as a friend or foe.

It is widely thought that imprisonment is meant to help people reform. However, depending on a person’s or woman’s experiences in prison, they might develop feelings of hatred and bitterness towards it and others with whom they interact regularly. How someone learns to interact, adapt, and apply the abilities to survive may have a significant impact on their prison experience. When prisoners go to sleep at night and wake up the next morning, they may not be in the same mental or physical state as when they went to sleep.