What Animals Hunt Humans?

what animals hunt humans?

What animals hunt humans? There are a lot of animals that hunt humans, such as Mosquitoes, Lions, Tigers, Crocodiles, Bears. And Sharks. There are enough encounters with predators to remind us that we aren’t at the top of the food chain, even if most of us have never seen a deadly predator.

Humans are terrified and enthralled by stories of animals eating people. It’s conceivable that some of these tales are true! Catfish, on the other hand, aren’t known to consume humans. We have compiled the list of human-eating animals in this blog post.

1. Lions

Two Brown Lions Lying on Grass
what animals hunt humans?

Lions are apex predators that may kill animals weighing up to 1,000 pounds. According to estimates, lions are believed to kill between 20 and 250 people each year throughout the world. There are more lions in Tanzania than anywhere else in Africa. Between 1990 and 2004, 593 people were killed by lions. As human populations expand and their natural habitats become clogged, humans are becoming increasingly likely to be prey for lions.

2. Tigers

Two Orange Tigers Sitting Beside Each Other
what animals hunt humans?

Between 1800 and 2009, there may have been 373,000 tiger attacks on people in India, owing to the country’s increasing human population. Although humans aren’t a favorite meal for tigers, they are a simple prey target for younger or older. Tigers have been known to kill a large number of people throughout history. In Maharashtra, India, a tiger was recently hunted down and killed after eating thirteen humans over two years.

3. Crocodiles

Crocodile on Water Opening Mouth
what animals hunt humans?

Despite the lack of evidence, many people believe that crocodiles are more responsible for human deaths than predators. The Nile crocodile is particularly hazardous due to its size and proximity to humans in Africa. People are frequently wounded while fishing or swimming in rivers.

4. Bears

2 Black Brown Bear on Body of Water
what animals hunt humans?

The annual number of human bites from bears is around 40, mostly due to fear or a need to defend their young. Polar bears are the most likely species for human predation because of their huge size. Even in modest groups, if a big male is under nutritional stress, he will undoubtedly go after humans in his territory.

5. Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragon in Close Up Photography
what animals hunt humans?

The Komodo dragon, which is found on a few scattered Indonesian islands and rarely attacks people, considers humans to be prey when it does. The sharp fangs and venom of the big lizards can pierce and kill strong animals like water buffalo with ease. This would go undetected by unaware individuals.

6. Sharks

Dangerous shark with sharp teeth hunting in clean transparent water of vast blue ocean
what animals hunt humans?

Even though sharks appear to target and consume people all the time, this isn’t always the case. Although humans go into the sea millions of times each year, there were 64 unprovoked shark attacks and two fatalities in 2019. Humans are rarely attacked when they swim alongside these vicious-looking behemoths. Only four species have been documented to attack people on rare occasions; however, even if humans swim beside these frightening-looking behemoths, they seldom harm.

History Of Man-Eating Animals

Even though humans are Earth’s most intelligent species, they are still prey for larger predators known as “man-eaters.” Here are a few instances from throughout history:

Tsavo Man-Eaters

In 1898, for several months, two male lions repeatedly pounced on construction workers who were building a railway bridge across the Tsavo River in what is now Kenya. According to research, the number of people killed and consumed by lions known as the Ghost and the Darkness was closer to 35 than 140. Eventually, John Henry Patterson, an Anglo-Irish engineer, shot down the rogue felines and transformed their skins into rugs.

Champawat Tigress

A female tiger has murdered more than 400 people in Nepal and India over eight years in the early 1900s. Jim Corbett, a British-born Indian hunter who eventually killed the Champawat Tigress, was credited. Over the course of five years, more than 60 individuals died in India after two tigers were killed by Corbett three decades later.

Leopard Of The Central Provinces

There have been recorded cases where leopards have attacked and killed humans. The Leopard of the Central Provinces in India murdered nearly 150 people (all women and children) in the early 1900s, making it one of the most notorious events. A bullet finally slew it.


There are a plethora of stories about animals hunting humans in popular culture. Michael Crichton drew inspiration for his book Jaws from a series of shark attacks that killed four people and injured one person in New Jersey’s state of 1916, which inspired the book. In early June, two 11-year-olds and their would-be saviors were killed while swimming at a local beach. Local fishers seized sharks, including a seven-foot great white shark widely believed to be the notorious man-eater, and slaughtered them. The extent of the organization’s involvement, however, remained unclear. It is now widely recognized that more than one shark was responsible for the assaults.

Sloth Bear Of Mysore

Only a few of its victims perished at its hands after a sloth bear named the Sloth Bear of Mysore terrorized Bangalore (now Bengaluru) in 1957 and is believed to have killed a dozen people and mauled twice that many. Only a few of its victims were killed by it. Kenneth Anderson, a British Indian hunter, eventually shot a bear in the region, but it’s uncertain if this was the animal that attacked him. It’s now thought unlikely that one creature was responsible for all the assaults.

Gustave The Crocodile

Since the 1980s, Gustave’s Nile crocodile has terrorized people living along Burundi’s Ruzizi River and Lake Tanganyika’s northern shores. More than 300 individuals have perished in the calamity, which was the focus of a PBS documentary in 2004. There have been many failed attempts to capture the 18-foot-long killer crocodile. It’s been over a year since Gustave was last seen.


So, there you have your answer of What animals hunt humans? I have discussed the top six animals that hunt and eat humans. While most of these predators prefer to stick to their kind when it comes to dinner, they will not hesitate to take a human if the opportunity arises. Understanding why these creatures do what they do may help you stay safe in their territory (or at least avoid becoming prey). Stay tuned for our next post, where we will be discussing ways to protect yourself from animal attacks. Until then, stay vigilant and be aware of your surroundings!

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