What To Feed Newborn Kittens In An Emergency?

What to feed newborn kittens in an emergency?

In this blog post, we have thoroughly discussed what to feed newborn kittens in an emergency. I know how you would feel when you find yourself with hungry kittens, as I have been through it.

Types Of Emergency ( Case Scenarios)

First of all, you should find the case scenario you are in. Usually, there are two primary emergency types when you find newborn kittens.

Case#1 If You Have Found Lonely Kittens

It’s possible that you discovered the kittens while their mother was looking for food or relocating them to a new location. Ascertain whether they have been abandoned or their mother is returning for them.

To avoid frightening the kittens, keep at least 35 feet away from them. To entice the mother cat to come to her litter, you must move slowly toward her. You may need to depart the region entirely if there are still people present when the mother cat returns to care for her kittens.

If you must depart before the mother cat returns, be sure the kittens are safe: Is it snow or rain? Do dogs or other wild animals roaming free in the region pose a hazard to the kittens? How crowded is the area when you enter and depart it? Children or other people may harm the kittens. Every day, how many pedestrians or motorists pass by the babies?

A mother cat may be away for hours, and healthy kittens might go without feeding for as long as they are kept warm. This information will assist you in making an informed selection.

Hypothermia is a greater danger to newborn kittens than starvation. It’s safer to assume that the mother will return the next day in the spring and summer than in the winter.

Action #1

Three Silver Cats
What to feed newborn kittens in an emergency?

If the mother cat returns to the region, the kittens should be left with her until weaned. You may give your mother a safe house and regular food as long as you keep them apart. She’ll go for the goodies if it’s nearby, but she won’t accept your hospitality unless it’s near to the grub.

Kittens should be neutered at the age of eight weeks after being removed from their mother for socialization, according to Trap-Neuter-Return (Spay/Neuter, Vaccination, Ear Tip, and Return to the Colony). You may sterilize mums while still nursing to avoid unwanted litters of kittens.

Action #2

White and Black Kittens Lying on Pink and White Textile
What to feed newborn kittens in an emergency?

If Kitten’s Mother Is Lost or You Should Put the Kittens to Sleep If you find out that the mother cat was hit by an automobile or it appears she will not return, you should put the kittens down. This is a must-have for the kittens’ survival. However, if you decide to help with this process, make sure you have everything ready so that weaning goes smoothly!

It will be challenging to locate someone to bottle-feed the kittens for you right away if you bring them in. Specific organizations may need to make preparations before reaching out for qualified bottle-feeders. Because of a lack of personnel, animal shelters and veterinarians have trouble nursing newborn kitties 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Case #2 If You Are Petting The Kittens

white and brown tabby kittens
What to feed newborn kittens in an emergency?

The second case scenario is when you are petting the kittens. The most common issue that people face is that the kittens are hungry when the mother cat is not around. I have personally been through it.

In most situations, kittens rely on their mother for food and warmth. The homemade formula may be given to a kitten that has been separated from its litter or abandoned.

Until you can obtain kitten milk replacement, you may feed your cat a homemade formula if necessary (KMR). A fast and simple solution can be made with evaporated milk and egg yolk.

You can make a more nutritious option by combining goat milk, yogurt, and gelatin. To keep the kitten healthy after mixing it, offer it with a bottle or syringe of emergency food!

Solution #1 What To Feed Newborn Kittens In An Emergency? – Formula Of Simple Milk Replacement

A simple milk replacement can be created with evaporated milk, egg yolks, and corn syrup. According to the expert recipe, Combine 1 egg yolk with a wire whisk in a large mixing basin until smooth. Add 8 fluid ounces (240 ml) of evaporated milk and 2 teaspoons (30 ml) of light corn syrup to the recipe and continue combining.

Important note: Sweetened condensed milk should not be used since it would be too sweet for the kittens.

Solution #2 What To Feed Newborn Kittens In An Emergency? – Buy Store-Bought Milk Replacement Product

Switch to a store-bought milk substitute as soon as is practical. Because the previous method or any other homemade method does not fulfill all of a kitten’s nutritional needs, use only an emergency formula for 1–2 days. Look for a kitten milk substitute at your local pet store or veterinarian’s office as soon as possible. Powdered milk alternatives or liquid milk substitutes are available.

How To Feed Kitten In An Emergency?

Close-Up Photo of Person Feeding a Kitten
What to feed newborn kittens in an emergency?

Feeding a kitten in an emergency is not as easy as it looks. Most people are just trying to push the nipple into the kitten’s mouth in random posture and expect the kitten to suck. Well, it’s the most terrible method. Let me tell you the best way to feed a kitten in an emergency or not an emergency.

1. Make The Right Posture

The best posture to feed kittens is the straight upfront posture. Hold the bottle at 45 degrees so that the milk goes smoothly into the kitten’s stomach.

2. Feed After Every 2-3 Hours

According to experts, the kitten should be fed every two to three hours. Keep track of the times you feed your pet because a young cat must eat eight meals each day.

You should check on the kitten every few hours and attempt to feed it the milk. Pay attention to the kitten’s actions to determine if it makes noises or whimpering. Moreover, I would recommend keeping the kitten in the same room.

3. Rub Kitten Genitals To Elimates

Using a baby wipe, clean the genital region of the kitten while it is held over a litter box or piece of paper towel. Before applying additional pressure to the area, wait for the kitten to urinate or defecate in the litter. Ensure your kitten has frequent access to the bathroom because constipation can be harmful.

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